Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact for questions or information about...

Are the HOA Board and FirstService Residential the same?

No, the Board consists of owners in the neighborhood elected by their fellow owners at the Annual Meeting who are responsible for the common areas and execution of the association bylaws. FirstService Residential is the manageement company the Board uses to manage dues collection, vendor payments, and other financial matters. While FirstService Residential manages these items, all decisions with how the Association funds are budgeted and spent reside with the Board.

When are trash and recycling collected?

Your trash will be collected two times per week on Mondays and Thursdays and recycling will be picked up one time per week on Thursdays. It's impossible to guarantee an exact time because the amount of trash varies each day. The trash removal company, American Disposal Services, operates on a delayed schedule following certain holidays or inclement weather. For the holiday schedule or other notices, please visit their website.

Trash and recycling should be placed at the curb no earlier than 5pm Sunday (for the Monday pickup) or Wednesday (for the Thursday pickup). All trash and recycling must be placed in containers, not left in bags on the curb. In addition to improving the appearance of the community, this prevents the attraction of rodents and birds. Containers should be stored in an inconspicuous location when not set out at the curbside.

Branches and other yard waste must be broken down and set out in paper yard waste bags, to be collected with the trash. For more information on recycling in Fairfax County, including what can be picked up at the curb, please visit the county's trash and recycling site.

My lamp post is broken, where do I go to get a replacement?

If you need to replace the entire light fixture because it is not working or is broken, (the old, original fixtures cannot be repaired), the Board has chosen HINKLEY’s Manor House collection, in Black, Medium Size, and Cast Aluminum with clear beveled glass panels. The exterior wall fixture is No. 1449BK and the post fixture is No. 1441BK. Residents are to use only one 75-watt clear light bulb in the regular one-light-bulb base in each fixture. You may use a compact fluorescent bulb in place of an incandescent bulb.

You may purchase the HINKLEY light fixtures from any lighting store that carries the HINKLEY brand. But if you want to avail yourself of a discounted price that the Board has negotiated for Windsor Mews residents, contact REXEL’s Springfield showroom (5255 Port Royal Road, phone 703-321-7100), just off the Beltway on Braddock Road (opposite Kilroy’s Restaurant and Safeway).

Why is my lamp post not working?

First try replacing the bulbs (2700K color temperature, sometimes called "warm white" or "soft white," is recommended). If that does not work check to see if you have a circuit interrupt in your master bath (next to your vanity, it is the outlet with the buttons in the middle). Try resetting the outlets in your home by pushing in on the test and then on the reset button. If neither works, you may need to have an electrician check the photocell located next to your garage; this is what activates your light when it gets dark.

What are the colors for my siding, trim, garage door, shutters, and front door?

Colors are determined by the model Unit A (Aston), B (Barton),C (Dalton) and D (Charleston) as well as address. If you are unsure which model you have please refer to the following sales brochures; Aston Barton Charleston

Is there a specific storm door for the front door?

Yes. There is an specific door you should pick to maintain uniformity in the neighborhood. The door is the Andersen 3000 Series, Full-View, Clear Glass, color WHITE (old model: Andersen HD3050). This door can be purchased at Home Depot and they will install it for an additional fee. The approximate cost is $219 plus $139 installation and a $25 pre-measurement fee.

Which model of garage door do I use for a replacement?

The design standards stipulate one model - CLOPAY Premium Series, Model 2050, Steel, Insulated, color WHITE, Short Elegant design, No windows. (Old model CLOPAY 4050).

Approximate cost: One car garage - (8 ft x 7 ft) $790 - installed; Two car garage - (16 ft x 7 ft) $1223 - installed; Garage door opener extra (Available at Home Depot).

Is Verizon FIOS available in our neighborhood? If not when?

Verizon FIOS is currently unavailable in Windsor Mews, however the Board is in contact with Verizon and expects to discuss easement requirements with them in the near future.

Is there a brand/color of roof shingles I should use?

We recommend using either CertainTeed Weathered Wood or GAF Royal Sovereign Weathered Gray. Other manufacturers may be considered if they match these, but could delay approval of the architecture modification form. Regardless of the manufacturer or color, an architecture modification form is required for any roof replacement or patching projects.